Become a referrer

Become a referrer

We believe there is value in your network and you should be rewarded for it. 

As a Hidden Market Referrer, you can earn money by referring: 

  • Jobs to The Hidden Market
  • Professionals to our open vacancies 

It's really simple. You earn money when we do.

Depending on the relationship with a business you will either earn as soon as we get the job on or when we place a candidate. With candidate referrals, you will always earn once we've placed a candidate. 

Referral fees from £50-1k depending on the terms agreed with the business. 

How it works:

For jobs: 

  • If your network are recruiting for roles and you recommend The Hidden Market: you introduce us directly to the hiring manager we'll make a note of it and will wire you a referral fee based on the terms as mentioned above. Simply email introduce to any relevant contacts and we'll do the rest.*. **. 

For roles:

  • If you know of people looking for roles then check out our live jobs page and simply email introduce us to the relevant professional looking for a role. Use and mention the role that the referral is in relation to.*

*Please note that there might be instances where we currently have relationships with businesses or professionals or be in conversations with each party. If that is the case we aren't able to offer referral fees. .

**Please note the referral scheme is for your networks roles and not your businesses roles as we cannot and do not pay referral fees on your current business as this would be a conflict of interest and bribary! 

Live opportunies:

You can check out current opportunities here

More information on The Hidden Market:

We are the professional skills market connecting the best commercial, marketing & digital talent to the most ambitious companies. Whether you are looking for a role or looking to hire you can sign up and connect with us humans on the other side! 

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