Our services

How we work at The Hidden Market: 

We’re a different kind of business. We’re a very flexible recruitment partner as we truly tailor our resources to a clients’ needs. We have a range of products outlined below:

  • Matching & Search - for cost-conscious clients that want a high-value solution or clients with significant internal recruitment teams we have developed a matching and search product that strips out the managed process element out of recruitment, as such you receive targetted and recruiter quality CV’s but at a very affordable price point that can be used as a really cost-effective but high-value resource for their internal team. For more information on this see our matching and search page. For more information please see our matching & search page
  • On-demand recruitment support - for businesses that need some additional recruitment resource we are able to add support to your business on-demand on a monthly rolling contract basis
  • Traditional recruitment - for clients who have a small recruitment need and need the recruitment consultancy services of a traditional recruiter. As a contingent product, there is a success only fee model
  • Retained recruitment - this is our service for senior roles in which offers deeper search capabilities for those businesses that want to run a search

If you have heard enough and would like to start our journey with us then you can register your interest as a company here. If you are a candidate then you can register here. Once registered one of our colleagues will be in touch with you directly to discuss your needs,

If you are interested in finding out more about us and how we work and how we might be able to partner with you then please get in touch at hello@thehiddenmarket.com

Why choose The Hidden Market? 

We are a people-first, data-driven, and digital enabled business. Here we've outlined our service offering to you:

  • Bias free recruitment: we match candidates on skills and experience and allow you as the client to hire based on requirements not on our pre-conditioned biases. We, therefore, mitigate any prejudice from our side in hiring which may exist across sex, age, status, or any other form of discrimination
  • Data-driven: we strive to match candidates really effectively to your roles. We do not overwhelm you with applications but we ensure you receive quality candidates. 
  • The Future of Work: we are set up to find the best part-time and on-demand talent. We focus on professional hires. Traditional recruiters do not have the network to find the best candidates for you and alternative platform providers have no quality control and as such your business is at risk through hiring a rookie. 
  • Experience & Quality service: our business is fully digital and as such client and candidate experience is vital to us. Our digital-enablement means that we are able to provide a much better quality of service to all of our users. 
  • Clarity & transparency: transparency and information are really important to us. We fight against the smoke and mirrors of traditional recruitment. We provide comprehensive information to both candidates and clients in the hiring process to ensure both are on the same page and there are no surprises. 
  • Our market understanding: we are market experts. No matter how you engage with us a client we leverage our knowledge, skills, and experience to ensure you find the right talent. 
  • Our sourcing strategy & model: we utilise the latest technologies to find, qualify, and engage with the best talent. We are working behind the scenes with the wider market so whilst we support each new brief with a search we have a solid current network which we tap into. 
  • Unlock passive talent: traditional job boards by definition only attract active candidates, conversely traditional recruitment agencies are limited by their quality in terms of engaging candidates and how much time they can devote to a search. We are a partner to candidates: partnering with them through their careers and as such we are able to connect clients to passive talent.