About us at The Hidden Market

Who & what is The Hidden Market? 

The Hidden Market is a hybrid business within the talent space: the professional skills market serving digital & marketing professionals and companies offering a range of services to clients looking for the best talent. The Hidden Market is a new type of company focused on changing how brands and talent interacts. Our business is all about flexibility. The flexibility to work flexibly or the option to choose how to hire. The Hidden Market is here to provide better outcomes for the market for marketing talent and more visibility of opportunities to the market.

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Our specialisms: We are commercial recruitment specialists. Marketing. Digital. Product. Communications. Sales.

We’re commercial recruitment specialists as you cannot understand marketing and it’s influence on business without understanding sales, or understanding product and propositions. Whilst these categories can appear independent they are so interrelated and we see that candidates move between different skill categories and as such we are able to tap into each market.

We focus on recruiting candidates across marketing, digital, product & propositions, communications, account management & business development, research & insight talent. For more information on our areas of expertise please see our specialisms

Our services:

We're a flexible recruitment partner for businesses: offering a range of services from matching through to search. For more information on our services please see our services


Our story:

The Hidden Market was founded on the belief that the human capital challenges are still the most interesting, relevant & pressing challenges facing businesses. Founded by James Gilford who has a strong background in both recruitment and marketing: starting his career at Nectar then moving on to EMR and then tml Partners. Where EMR was once the leading marketing recruiter in the UK market and following successes there, James moved to join tml Partners when it was a start-up,  building up the Financial Services, Financial Technology & Technology practices, producing the most successful team in the business’s history. 

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Our values:

Our values are really important to us. They are more than words on a page and  are reflected in our ethos and approach to all that we do.

  1. People first, always - in a world of tech we will always be  people first
  2. Community focused - we’re building communities and will always give back to society too via charities and our giving partnerships 
  3. Innovate & value creation - we don’t skim off the top, instead we add value to our network whether it be via people, processes or insight. Our business is based on innovation
  4. Simplicity by design - we are designed to make business as easy as possible
  5. Honesty & integrity - to provide transparency & clarity in this market that is lacking 
  6. Service & quality - we’re focused on service and offering value over and above expectations
  7. Compete always - we strive to succeed 


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How is The Hidden Market different?

How does The Hidden Market differ from other recruitment agencies? 

  • Flexible recruitment - we offer a range of recruitment solutions for businesses and as such we have a bigger network and are able to offer you more opportunities. 
  • Human & tech matching - Our matching is technology and human intelligence based: we match jobs on your sign up preferences to eliminate subjectivity and bias. We quality control our service with human interaction too to ensure no one is missed. We do not overly rely on applicant tracking systems that result in bad behaviours: candidates spamming key words into CV's or great candidates being missed. 
  • Transparency - we insure impartiablity: our information is not biased to some candidates, we give you all a fair shot. Unfortunately some recruiters will behave badly and favour some candidates.  We believe in transparency in the recruitment process, and as such we provide all information to candidates and clients and all you need to make decisions as you wish. 
  • We are intentionally the most thorough service on the market because we want to provide you and our clients with the best service. Agents do not have the time or technology to set their business up to do this. 


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​​​​​​How does The Hidden Market differ from a job board?

  • Active & passive talent - we’re different as we bring job matching to the passive market. Job sites are only attracting candidates in the active market. By definition they require candidates to be engaged and proactive, i.e. applying to roles to be considered for them. Instead we operate in the passive market as we have a range of recruitment solutions for businesses.
  • We operate in the active and passive market. 
  • Long term recruitment partner - The Hidden Market is a talent platform, as such we are not a transactional service, we are here for your career and not only to find you a role, but also to supply you with market insight and content alongside career coaching and information. 
    Because of our design we offer the most sophisticated matches. Behind the scenes our team work on your behalf so that you do not have to hunt through job listings. We do that for you.
  • Vetted company & candidate base - we control who is allowed to advertise to our candidate base. Vetted companies are only allowed  to advertise, which means that we ensure a superior level of service to you and we do not partner with businesses that do not offer a decent level of service quality to our candidate base. 
  • Data driven recruitment partner - our business is the most intelligent platform and as such we ensure that you understand the role and remit of a job before you apply, and when you do, the business understands your skills, experience, motivations, and requirements, all upfront. Marketing and business development are varied skill-sets and too many candidates and clients waste time on the wrong jobs. 


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Next steps:

If you are a candidate and want to keep in touch with us you can register here which will take you a few minutes. 

If you are a business you want to discuss hiring you can register with us which will take you a couple of minutes.

Alternatively, should you want to connect with us you can reach us on hello@thehiddenmarket.com


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